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Matt Lindop | Interact Conference London
Matt Lindop Headshot

Matt Lindop

Head of Customer Experience at Premier Inn

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Matt Lindop leads experience design at Premier Inn, the UK’s largest hotel chain. He tries not to bang on about anything really, but when he does it’s about how experience design can connect people with brands by understanding and selectively exceeding expectations. 

His team comprise a range of design and research disciplines that work together to deliver experiences that are delightful, distinctive and efficient. Last year they won a UXUK Innovation Award for the service design of hub by Premier Inn, a project that took a digital-first, user-centred approach to building not just a brand, but a physical hotel. These days he’s strayed quite a way from his origins in digital UX, and can often be found geeking out on the application of wearables in the workplace, or the role of design in business transformation. 

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Are we nearly there yet?

Digital as a design discipline has thrived on a spirit of youthfulness, of railing against the status quo. The mindset has been that if we could only reach a little further then we’ll be somewhere really exciting. 

It’s been a brilliant mindset to have during a period of expansion, but I’ll argue that it’s this mentality of being ‘nearly there’ that’s holding us back. And if we’re to set ourselves up for the future, we’ll need to make a step change - in our mindset, our processes and our techniques.

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