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Angel Brown | Interact Conference London
Angel Brown Headshot

Angel Brown

Strategy Director, UX at Ogilvy DigitalHealth

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Whether it’s a bleeding-edge experience strategy for a blockbuster launch brand, a behavioural change programme to inspire consumers to improve their health or an enterprise level portal build for physicians, Angel has a proven track record in using UX to move the needle on patient outcomes.

Her clients over the years have included the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies: Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Novo Nordisk, Roche, ResMed and more. Her passion has always been to design valuable and data driven experiences in healthcare using the most exciting new technologies but most recently she has begun to focus on connecting the dots between UX and data science.  

Talk details

A Blended Approach: Embracing the possibilities of data science

Long advocates of the absolute necessity of qualitative research, we UXers now find many of our frameworks are called into question by digital strategists looking for data-driven solutions to answer the needs of each unique individual.

UX/Service Design can look to CX’s heritage for help in this, but we still need to evolve our methods in order to support our recommendations with the hard numbers we are asked for. 

In this talk I will consider how we can embrace the possibilities that vast and dynamic data award us without losing our very identities as designers, not to mention our souls.

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