Ronny Hendriks Headshot

Ronny Hendriks

Head of Accessibility at Nomensa

Joel Strohmeier headshot

Joel Strohmeier

Principal Accessibility Consultant at Nomensa


More than one in five people in the UK have a disability, so it is essential that your digital estates are fully accessible and you are aware of the barriers users face when interacting with your digital products and services.

This is why we’ve launched our Empathy Labs; to provide valuable insights into the experiences of users with disabilities and inspire innovative thinking in accessible design on all aspects of a consumer journey.

We believe that great product design comes from innovation and innovation comes from understanding consumers’ needs.

Join Nomensa’s Head of Accessibility, Ronny Hendriks and Principal Accessibility Consultant, Joel Strohmeier for an hour-long session on 11th October in the Wren Suite at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Register your interest below, we’ll be taking groups of eight individuals per session, with no more than two from the same organisation.

The sessions will consist of:


A short presentation about accessibility will be given by a member of the Nomensa team introducing you to the topic of accessibility and its importance.


We’ve prepared activities intended to help you understand more about accessibility and the different ways people with disabilities may interact with your digital content. We will focus on your company website and key tasks people are expected to complete while visiting it.

This session allows you to explore different modes of interaction and introduces situational limitations people may experience when visiting your website. The presentation slides and digital simulation tools used in the session will be shared with you afterwards so that you can further share what you’ve learned with your colleagues.

Accessibility Expert Q&A

The session gives you the opportunity to ask our Accessibility Experts all the questions you have on Accessibility

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