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Karey Helms | Interact Conference London
Karey Helms Headshot

Karey Helms

Senior Interaction Designer at Zebra Technologies

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Karey Helms is an Interaction Designer & Technologist within the Innovation & Design team at Zebra Technologies.

Driven by a passion for complex systems and emergent behaviours, she designs new modalities of interaction for emerging technologies to create meaningful enterprise solutions. Prior to joining Zebra, she has a background in architecture with a focus on kinetic structures, which heavily influences her quest to mediate the digital and physical.   

Talk details

Insights in Self-centred Design

The definition of products is transitioning from isolated hardware and software to integrated systems and agents. In order to create these new systems we must not only design the tangible elements, but also the intangible interconnections. Therefore, as Interaction Designers, how do we make sense of and design these ambiguous, emergent, and invisible relationships? 

Karey will present personal design projects in which she explores embodied interactions from the mundane moments of the present. These insights in self-centred design greatly inform how she makes sense of the complex and invisible interactions of the future.

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