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Leo Frishberg | Interact Conference London
Leo Frishberg Headshot

Leo Frishberg

Owner / Principal at Phase II

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For over 40 years, Leo has been working with computing technologies, starting by assembling his first computer in 1967 and continuing as an Algol 80 and Basic programmer before the onset of microprocessors. 

Throughout his career as general partner of Phase II, an architectural consultancy, and with Cliffside Software, Inc., a Portland software development firm, Leo has maintained a strong experience-centered design philosophy. In 2004, Leo began to formalise his approach to design research, a process he calls Presumptive Design. 

From 2012 to 2015, Leo was with Intel Corporation as Product Design Manager in IT. In the years prior, Leo was a Principal Architect, User Experience at Tektronix, Inc. Leo holds a B.A. in Environmental Planning from UCSC and an M.Arch from SCI-ARC. In 1984, Leo began his career as a User Experience Architect (before he knew that’s what it was called). 

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