Eva Deckers
Director of Data Enabled Design & Design Strategy; Philips


Eva Deckers is Design Director at Philips Design, leading the Data Enabled Design team and responsible for several Strategic Design activities. After finishing her Masters in Industrial Design, focusing on system and interaction design she obtained her PhD on artificial intelligence from a design perspective.

After joining Philips in 2013, she focused on strategic design, at that moment a newly formed team within Philips Design. In that role she was design lead for one of four strategic domains of Philips. Furthermore, Eva was responsible for developing and implementing the so called Business Value Proposition process. A successful process that supports businesses in framing their position from an outside in perspective. 

As the Strategic Design lead she helped businesses to develop their customer driven strategy. As part of her role in Strategic Design she set up and directed an innovation stream on how data is used in the design process and how we ensure we design for meaningful propositions that encompass data and artificial intelligence. This led to leading a new team called Data Enabled Design since 2017, with which she is on cutting edge of what design can do and they are actively shaping the personalised systems that evolve around the user instead of the other way around.  

Talk Details

Why designers should be building AI

In this talk, Eva will present her design viewpoint on Artificial Intelligence. There are different roles designers can take in the field of AI, of which one is the active contribution in creating the intelligence itself. She shows how the Data Enabled Design approach of her team delivers case studies, as well as principles that are more general on how to create such AI that focuses on the qualitative and subjective.