Ben Scott-Robinson
Founder; Small Robot Company


Ben is a digital innovator of 20 years experience. He has founded two agencies, two consultancies, an app start-up and a phone for blind people. He has held the role of Creative Director, Experience Director, Head of Innovation, and Head of Brilliant.

Over the years he has built brands, services, campaigns, apps, sites, games, and a bottle opener that looked (a bit) like a submarine.

Right now he is the founder of The Small Robot Company, an AgTech startup looking to sustainably maximise food production using robotics and AI. 

Talk Details

Living with Robots - HRI in the real world

In this talk, Ben Scott-Robinson will outline the Small Robot Company's work to establish a human/robotic interaction code of conduct for the sort of robots people will meet in the street, or in the shops, or on the farm.