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Angel Brown | Interact Conference London
Angel Brown headshot

Angel Brown

Group Director of Experience Strategy at Digitas Health

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From a multichannel strategy for a product launch to a behavioural change programme for patients, Angel has a proven track record in using digital engagement to move the needle on business objectives. Her clients have included the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies as well as household brands. Her passion is to design valuable experiences in healthcare using the most exciting new technologies and with a focus on connecting the dots between design and patient outcomes. 

Angel drives the direction of the strategy and experience design for a range of global and European clients at Digitas Health. She has over 20 years’ experience in turning insights into experience strategy outputs that deliver high engagement with customers and measurable results for business owners. 

Talk details

Developing Design KPIs for an Omnichannel Experience Strategy

The world of pharmaceutics is a highly competitive space driven by hard discussions around ROI, market share, and clinical trials with huge investment and monumental risk. With the explosion of health tech and the increasing complexity of data from largely unproven digital therapeutics no one seems to know where to begin. 

We experience strategists can help healthcare organisations to face these challenges as we have the multidisciplinary skills to make sense of the inherently complex and have tried-and-tested methodologies for getting the right answers - or at least for working out what questions we need to ask.  

In this talk, hear about how to apply strategic and data-driven storytelling to demonstrate the business value of experience design.

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