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Emily Trotter | Interact Conference London
Emily Trotter headshot

Emily Trotter

Principal UX Designer and Illustrator at Nomensa

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Emily is an accomplished Design Lead at Nomensa, specialising in crafting digital experiences across various sectors, including private, public, and third sectors. Her expertise spans a range of verticals, such as Neo to high street banking, investments to retail, and high-impact brochure web app experiences.

With a background in Illustration and a deep connection to the natural world, Emily combines her passion and business experience in UXD to tackle the challenge of balancing innovation and sustainability in digital practices. She believes in adopting a Planet Centred Design approach to ensure that our digital solutions benefit both people and the planet.

Talk details

Planet Centred Design

There’s a planet-sized elephant in the room. Climate change is a global challenge that we’re all facing in one way or another, and despite the seemingly invisible nature of digital our industry is a significant contributor to carbon emissions. And the problem is growing exponentially.

In this talk I will explore what it means to design in a Planet Centred way. How can we reduce the carbon footprint of the digital products we design and build? Where might there be conflicts with our known practices? And how can we measure success?

At Nomensa we like to do good. To design experiences that are good for our clients and good for their customers. We strive to make the world a better place for people, so naturally we must also consider the needs of the planet we call home. Understanding the power that our design decisions can have is key to being a part of the solution, not the problem.

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