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Georgina Bourke | Interact Conference London
Georgina Bourke headshot

Georgina Bourke

Principal Technology Adviser – User Experience Design at Information Commissioner's Office

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Georgina Bourke is Principal Technology Adviser – User Experience Design at the Information Commissioner’s Office.

A UX designer by background, her work now involves translating data protection policy into guidance and tools that help designers embed privacy in practice. She led the development of the ICO’s Privacy in the product design lifecycle guidance and the award-winning Children’s Code design guidance.

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The power of UX design to impact privacy

The User Experience design of products and services can have a big impact on protecting people’s privacy and data rights.

However, UX designers are often not part of data protection conversations or given tools or space to think creatively about how to design for better privacy. The ICO recently published design guidance that shows ways to design for data rights in practice and empowers designers to create better products and services that protect our privacy.

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