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Deepika Adusumilli | Interact Conference London
Deepika headshot

Deepika Adusumilli

SVP of Product at King

Deepika Adusumilli spoke at a previous event. See this year's speakers


Deepika started her career as a Trainee at General Electric and has since built a dynamic career as a Chief Product Officer/ Head of Product with over 18 years of strategic and development experience.  

In the last 19 years, she has led teams in building applications, developed strong product and marketing teams across organizations, delivered strategic products based on data-based decisions, and managed end to end delivery from conception to in-life improvements.

She previously worked with large organisations to startups  where she led digital transformation projects, building data-led decisions, and data-led innovation to engage customers with relevant propositions to promote brand loyalty.

Talk details

Building effective product and design teams

In this talk, Deepika will discuss the facets of effective product and design teams.

She will explore what makes them effective, how we can go about building them with intent and focus and what these teams need to grow.

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