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Aline Baeck | Interact Conference London
Aline Baeck Headshot

Aline Baeck

Head of Design at Capital One

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Aline Baeck has practiced design for over 20 years. She is currently Head of Design for Capital One, UK. Her previous positions include Design Lead for the Global Product Experience Group at eBay, Head of Design at Causata, a big-data software startup in London, and Innovation Leader at Intuit

She has applied her passion for design to industries such as national defense (SRI, International), information systems (Dialog Information Services), medical devices (Acuson), telecommunications (Nortel), b2b internet software (Centegy), and small business solutions (Intuit). She received her Master’s degree from Stanford University and has several patents. Her latest publication is a chapter on design thinking in UX Best Practices: How to Achieve More Impact with User Experience. 

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