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Vuokko Aro | Interact Conference London
Vuokko Aro headshot

Vuokko Aro

Product Designer at Monzo

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Vuokko is a Product Designer at Monzo, where she works with all teams across the company and with Monzo’s active community of users to build the bank of the future together. 

Working with design principles that align with the product strategy across the company, this includes everything from ideation and concepts to the final pixels and small details that ultimately define the user’s interactions and experience. 

With a solid background in interaction design, Vuokko has helped startups across the US and UK (FanDuel, Citymapper, etc.) design mobile products with world class user experiences. 

Talk details

Building a New Kind of Bank

Vuokko will share the exciting story of designing and building a new kind of bank. She’ll talk about the importance of listening to users and solving problems rather than selling financial products, discussing Monzo’s collaborative approach to product design. 

What are the design principles and design process like at Monzo? How does the team prioritise which problems to solve? How does design work with other teams and at Monzo’s fast pace of growth and change? Finally, what is it like to work together with a passionate and active community of users? Vuokko will share how Monzo has grown its unique community and built both internal and external trust by being as open as possible.

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