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Usman Sheikh | Interact Conference London
Usman Sheikh headshot

Usman Sheikh

Global Head of Design & Experimentation at Barclaycard Future Payments

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Usman Sheikh a highly experienced leader in design, customer experience and digital strategy. He has a consistent track record of developing highly effective creative teams and providing leadership to deliver impactful, award-winning digital experiences.

Commercially astute, his focus is always to create future facing customer experiences, which deliver substantial enhancements for the customer, while maintaining commercial viability.

With an MBA degree and over 20 years in the creative industry, he specialises in driving large-scale digital transformations with a customer-focused outcome. 

Talk details

The FinTech Disruptors: How the Next Generation of Financial Services are Rethinking the Customer Experience

Over the last decade the Financial Services industry has seen more disruption than any other industry. This trend is most likely going to continue, with an increasing number of FinTech start-ups entering the market and designing increasingly ambitious products and services.

The next generation of Financial Services are driven by a strong focus on customer needs and removing the friction between the consumer and their goals. 

Find out what are some of the key technology and behavioural trends that are powering this evolution and get a glimpse of what the banking experience will be like in 10 years time.

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