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Alberta Soranzo | Interact Conference London
Alberta Soranzo headshot

Alberta Soranzo

Director of End-to-End Service Design at Lloyds Banking Group

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A firm believer that there’s always another way to look at a challenge, Alberta has been hacking things to make them work better for humans since she was a child. 

An incorrigible nomad, she’s lived in Italy, California and is now based in London. Recently appointed Director of End-to-End Service Design at Lloyds Banking Group, she is excited about the possibility to make a real impact on the financial outcomes of people by looking after the big picture as well as focusing on the very small things that, she says, ‘matter a lot’.  

Unafraid of challenging conventions, Alberta puts people at the heart of her design process, and contends that you should always under promise and then over deliver. 

In her natural habitat she’s sitting on the floor surrounded by bits of paper and post-its or standing in front of a whiteboard with a handful of markers. If she’s not there, you can find her on Twitter or playing ice hockey at a rink nearby. 

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