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Tommy Toner | Interact Conference London
Tommy Toner headshot

Tommy Toner

Co-founder, VP of Product at Cuckoo

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Tommy is the co-founder and VP of Product of UK challenger broadband provider Cuckoo.

He launched Cuckoo in 2020 with co-founders Alex Fitzgerald and Dan McClure to change the internet for good, with a commitment to bring customers the fastest broadband speeds at fair prices and backed up by unrivalled service.

His background is in design and product: he was design director & user experience manager in the global customer experience and brand strategy team at Nissan. He has also worked on brand and identity projects for the highest levels of government.

Tommy’s expertise lies at the intersection of brand and UX and he has designed some award-winning products and services for Sky, Jaguar Land Rover, eBay, Formula 1, The National Trust, Nickelodeon, Audi, Google, Nike, Sony, HSBC, American Express, Sky Sports, Shell and J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore.

Talk details

Design wont save us, but it might help (a bit) 

What if designing for the future isn’t about artificial intelligence, NFTs and The Metaverse after-all? (Sorry Mark).

What if, in a world of emerging uncertainties and global bin-fires, the future of design means undoing some of the damaging, and downright dark patterns we’ve helped to normalise as a design community?

Over the course of thirty minutes we’ll discuss how we can collectively design for a better future as well as illustrating how we’re practising what we preach over at Cuckoo HQ

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