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Dan Klyn | Interact Conference London
Dan Klyn headshot

Dan Klyn

Co-Founder at The Understanding Group (TUG)

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Dan Klyn is an Information Architect from Grand Rapids, Michigan and is Co-Founder of The Understanding Group (TUG) and President of the IA Institute

He’s interested in planning, strategy and architecture for places made of information, likes coffee an awful lot, and teaches information architecture at the University of Michigan School of Information. 


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Ripe Axioms

Design practice in the West is besotted with its darlings – with shopworn propositions (aka best practices) whose self-evidencing truths are reified in each product we ship.  

From across the pond and in his 2nd appearance at Interact London, Klyn brings an urgent proposal: identifying design axioms that are fit for the bin, and positing what we'll be free to do once we've discarded them.

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