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Andrea Resmini | Interact Conference London
Andrea Resmini headshot

Andrea Resmini

Professor at Jönköping International Business School

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Andrea Resmini is an Assistant Professor at Jönköping International Business School, in Jönköping, Sweden.

Architect, information architect, compulsive reader, pensive writer, videogamer, piano player, Andrea is the Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Information Architecture, and the author of Pervasive Information Architecture and Reframing Information Architecture.

Talk details

Mapping cross-channel ecosystems

We live in a world whose structures, even those in physical space, are increasingly relying on software handshakes and digital whispers: as we keep digitising reality, the architecture of the information spaces we traverse to shop, exercise our rights, educate or take care of ourselves is becoming more and more integral to the fabric of society itself. 

Through examples taken from case studies dealing with museums, higher education, public transport and business alignment, Andrea discusses how to circumscribe, map, describe and communicate cross-channel experiences and what challenges these bring to traditional design processes and deliverables.

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