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Ronny Hendriks | Interact Conference London
Ronny Hendriks Headshot

Ronny Hendriks

Head of Accessibility at Nomensa

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Ronny came into the accessibility space though personal experience, developing RSI as a teenager. As a web developer it made him rethink his own creations and let him on the 20+ year journey to find solutions that would allow him to keep doing what he loved while making more inclusive products.

Over the years he had a major hand in the creation of a fully accessible top-task based Website for local government, currently used by 60+ municipalities in the Netherlands serving over 2 million residents.

Currently Head of Accessibility at Nomensa his passion sits with enabling companies to embed accessibility deeply in their core.

Talk details

Accessibility, the future and YOU

With changing demographics legislation and the emergence of new tech, accessibility has never been more important than now.

Let me take you on a  journey on what it entails, where accessibility is going and how you can participate in making the web a more inclusive space.

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