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Mischa Weiss-Lijn | Interact Conference London
Mischa Weiss-Lijn headshot

Mischa Weiss-Lijn

Head Of Experience at CognitionX

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Mischa drives design at CognitionX, a startup that’s focused of democratising access to AI for businesses large and small.  

He was previously Head of Experience Design at RMA Consulting; a design and technology practice that specialises in high quality user experiences for business solutions. Prior to RMA, Mischa was Principal Designer at Nokia where he led strategic UX initiatives across the smartphone portfolio; he got his hands dirty at an early, pioneering, mobile social media start up ‘ShoZu’, worked at LBi and Sapient, London’s biggest digital agencies, where he led the design of large-scale transactional web properties.  

Mischa has a PhD in Human Computer Interaction from University College London, where he studied information visualisation, and a psychology degree from the University of Oxford.

Talk details

User Experience When AI Makes all the Decisions

AI is leading to profound changes in the nature of the digital experiences we create... and what we do as designers is going to need to change with it. 

Not only do the AI-first media of voice, chat and robotics need different design artifacts and processes. But, since algorithms will both empower and disintermediate humans, we designers need to think deeply about how to ensure that these experiences are both positive and humane. We need to move from a design age that prized efficiency to one that preserves humane-ness. 

In this talk we’ll dissect some common place AI-driven experiences to see how they fundamentally change the role users play. We’ll explore some of the implications both ethical and experiential, for brands and for people. We’ll discuss approaches to tackling these new challenges; ways of thinking, ways of doing, ways of being.

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