Lisa Reeves
UX Design Lead at HSBC Kinetic


Lisa is a UX Design Lead at HSBC Kinetic, where she looks after the onboarding and everyday banking experiences for business banking customers.

Before joining Kinetic she spent time at Barclays, where for a couple of years, she explored the benefits of human-centred design in AI powered customer environments. Beginning as the first UX designer to step into the world of AI and machine learning at the bank, she went on to establish and lead a small team that designed chat interfaces, chatbot and voice enabled customer experiences across a number of platforms.

Prior to finance, Lisa worked in the world of fashion and e-commerce, during the rise of online shopping where she honed her design skills, as well as film and photography, before moving into UX felt like the right thing to do.

From her own personal experiences, Lisa is a keen believer of diversity in teams and avid supporter of women in design and tech industry roles, volunteering as a mentor in her spare time.   

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